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The Mayan Wheel

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

It is a common assertion that the Maya civilization did not possess the wheel. (more…)


Monday, August 17th, 2015

Ancient Mayan City of Quirigua, located on the shores of the Motagua River and not far from the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.

Preclassic Maya

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Preclassic Maya
The Preclassic Mayan Civilization, spanning for 2,750 years, from 2,500 B.C. to 250 AD. (more…)

Todos Santos Cuchumatán

Saturday, November 1st, 2014

Todos Santos Cuchumatán, a town of proud people who value their ancient traditions.

Museo Miraflores

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

My fiancée and and I went to Miraflores Mall, a very well known shopping center here in Guatemala City.
She went to see a movie and while I waited for her; I took some time to visit the museum next to the mall.
Of course I have to tell you the good and the bad.
The museum is beautiful and it has a great collection of Mayan artifacts.
The bad: The Museum is connected to the shopping mall, where thousands of people walk in everyday, the entrance fee is a meager Q15/$1.90, cheap enough even for Guatemalan standars. I spent almost two hours walking the museum corridors, reading about the pieces, taking notes and photographs. All this time no other person walked to the museum. I had the entire place for my self. Cm’on! We have inherited an amazing gift. These artifacts are the legacy of a great saga our ancestors experienced and it disappoints me that only a few Guatemalans show interest in learning about it.
Mayan Artifacts, Museo Miraflores

Mayan Artifacts

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The Museum

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We’re Men of Maize

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Maya women making fresh tortillas on a clay comal over a wood fire by Rudy Giron

As I have said on before, “it is impossible to think of the Guatemalan, Mexican and Mesoamerican diet without maize. From the Popul Vuh (Popol Wuj in modern spelling), the Mayan equivalent of the Bible, which states that humans were literally created from maize, to Miguel Ángel Asturias‘ novel Hombres de maíz (Men of Maize) which is one of the best novels to understand Mesoamerica and its people. Guatemala and Mexico share the birth place of maize, which was and is the most important crop in human history. The richest diversity of maize can be found in Mesoamerica!

Many of the dishes of the Guatemalan cuisine are based on the milpa crops. The term milpa refers normally to a maize field, but it is so much more. In a milpa field there a dozen crops at once: maize, avocados, multiple kinds of squash, chiles (hot pepper chilli), beans, tomatoes, tomatillos, camotes (sweet potatoes), jicama (a tuber also known as sengkwang, yam bean, singkamas, Mexican turnip), amaranth (also called pigweeds) and mucuma (a tropical legume). “Milpa crops are nutritionally and environmentally complementary.” said Charles C. Mann in his book 1491. H. Garrison Wilkes, a maize researcher at University of Massachusetts in Boston is quoted in the same book, “The milpa is one of the most successful human inventions ever created.”

Basket Ball Time

Friday, May 11th, 2012

It’s good to see the children of San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan speeding time doing sports and other activities.

Es bueno ver que dediquen su tiempo en deportes y otras actividades los niños de San Marcos La Laguna, desde el Lago de Atitlán.

photo by José Moreno


About Hugs

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

There is something special about hugs, the connection that is being created, the expression of one emotion, appreciation… seem to have much, right?

The hug of the couple in the picture it might be peculiar. But a hug at the end.