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Danza de los Diablos

Friday, September 12th, 2014

Danza de los Diablos

Danza de los Diablos

Today I went to an independence day celebration held at Guatemala City’s Teatro Nacional.

Mayan Door

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Detail of a Mayan Church Door at San Benito Peten. I found this place by chance. I was looking for a vantage point to have a Panoramic View of the Town and asking locals, they guided me to this hill and there it was: A Mayan Church! The place seems abandoned -windows smashed, bad paint- but apparently; Mayan Priest -Sacerdotes Mayas- occasionally perform ceremonies there. If you want to avoid walking for kilometers and kilometers trying to find this place: Shhhh, you can ask me how to get there.

Timeless place, Chichicastenango

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

Chichicastenango (Quiché) is the trading hub for the Guatemalan Highlands, therefore visiting their Thursday or Sunday markets is a must if you find yourself in Guatemala. The best local produce, a pair of rubber flip-flops, the latest Hollywood production in DVD, a hand-woven Mayan outfit; they have it.

Due to this role Chichi has, many consider it the center of contemporary Mayan culture. You can’t avoid feeling slightly surreal in place where within the same glimpse you can spot a Blackberry and a parishioner burning copal (ceremonial incense) on the Santo Tomás Church’s doorstep. K’iche’ and Catholic hybrid traditions, the young and the old, the new technology and the millenial traditions, it all converges in this one timeless place.

Photo and Text by guest contributor: Alejando Echeverria