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Progress. (?)

Sunday, September 29th, 2013

A great deal of Guatemalans usually mistake Progress and or Development with Urbanization.
Progress –implying Urbanizing- is good, houses, shopping malls, hydroelectric plants, etc. are better than useless patches of dirt. That’s the common mindset.
As I child I lived in front of this small patch of forest, one of the few close to Guatemala City. I used to frequent this forest with friends in search for local fruits: Jocotes, Sandia de Raton (mouse melon, Melothria Scabra), Matasanos (white sapote) and others. As children we used to disturb squirrels (one of the very few places around Guatemala City where they USED TO live wild) and hunted for small tortoise and birds. I know, we were bad!
I left Guatemala and came back seven years later and found a shopping mall had been built (now a Walmart)
I left Guatemala shortly after to comeback eight years later and encountered a series of new gated communities built where some of the remaining patches of trees were.
I’m a business person: Not long ago I saw a for rent sign on one of the windows of this large strip mall. I call the number and had a long conversation with the Realtor. “This is a great opportunity, see the mountains on the back, all this belongs to the same family and they are planning on building five thousand houses on that mountain. He tells me.
Goodbye remaining trees.
Yes, housing is necessary, as business centers are. Aren’t forest (patches of dirt) needed too?
I often finish these kinds of conversations with friends and acquaintances with the following:
I don’t call progress to stopping or diverting a sacred river to generate electricity so you have enough juice to watch TV tonight.
I don’t call progress to destroying a life and splendor giving forest and its inhabitants to temporarily fix our human housing problems.
Oh, on a funny related note: Many of these housing projects advertise themselves as “green” or “Nature surrounded”, but they fail to say that most of these gated communities refer to their green or Nature to small patches of grass in front of these houses, again: small strips of grass on their boulevards, and many times not even local species of grass or plants.
More: Another “Green Community” I was interested in a while ago, promoted itself as green and surrounded by Nature and on their advertising video they show animations of birds flying around the area instead of real ones: None available?

Guatemalan Malls Keep Popping Up

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Guatemalan Malls Keep Popping Up by Rudy Girón

On Sunday there was article published on the New York Times entitled How About Gardening or Golfing at the Mall? which basically covered the rise and fall of the shopping mall all across the United States.

Here are some interesting trivia from the article:

  • A new enclosed mall has not opened in the United States since 2006…
  • The vacancy rate at shopping centers and strip malls was 11 percent in the last quarter of 2011, the highest level since 1991…
  • Schools, medical clinics, call centers, government offices and even churches are now standard tenants in malls…

It seems that current mall decline affecting the U.S. has not affected Guatemala City where mols, malls, are popping everywhere. However, malls in Guatemala have always been more diverse, where there are clinics, schools, call centers, banks, beyond the typical retail venues. Nowadays, centro comerciales are also full of children play areas, in many case providing artificial and safe parks.

Waiting at the Mall

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

If you have to wait for anything, especially bank transactions, it’s better if you wait with a friend and catch up with the latest news. That was the case of these two women who were waiting for third one who was inside the bank doing some transactions. They seemed to be worry free while the laugh and chit chatted for a little while. The photo was taken inside the Eskala commercial center in Mixco.

Calzada Revolución

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

The Revolution of October 20, 1944 was a civic-military movement occurred in Guatemala, led by the military, students and workers, which overthrew the military government of General Federico Ponce Valdes, led to the first free elections in the country, and inaugurated a period of ten years to modernize the State the benefit of the majority of working class. Subsequent historiography has called this period as the “Ten Years of Spring” or the “Golden Age” of Guatemala, and now on October 20 a national holiday, commemorated as the “Day of Revolution 1944.”

About the Revolution, we have a road and a monument in Mixco, which also goes unnoticed in the middle of traffic chaos.


Guatemalans Love Fast Food

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

In the hectic life of capitalinos (Guatemala City residents) there is no time to eat healthy; fast food chain “Pollo Campero” is everywhere, they offer fried chicken, among other things. Once a year does not hurt or maybe it does.

In the photograph one of the many restaurants located in La Florida, Mixco that belongs to township Guatemala.

Theme Day: Postcard-worthy Mixco Panoramic

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Here’s the thing: I’m not entirely sure but I would say that you don’t find postcards from Mixco and I think: Why not? So, It looks like theres even a market in this Mixco photo thing. It’s a typical cold afternoon, people put everything on the roofs of their houses and that’s exactly what you want to show, right?

Mixco is a what we call municipio in Guatemala. Located at the west end of town.

This is the monthly theme day organized by the Daily Photo community which has decided to have as theme for August 1, postcard-worthy images.

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