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Fem Foto Guatemala: Diverso Entorno Photo Exhibit

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Fem Foto Guatemala: Diverso Entorno Photo Exhibit by Rudy Girón

In commemoration of March 8, International Women’s Day, ARTEFACTO (Documentary Cultural Association) present the first edition of Fem-Foto Guatemala, an exhibit which unites the work of women artists and photography researchers.

The photo exhibit Diverso Entorno shows us through documentary photography the point of view of women with distinct and diverse realities as themselves. Through their visions these women photographers invite us to reflect upon the different stereotypes that the Guatemalan society has created for women, from misery to women as merchandise. Diverso Entorno is a summary of the these different perspectives provided by the photographers Selene Mejía, Lucía Reinoso, Cecilia Porras Sáenz, Daniela Parra and Morena Pérez Joachin.

Besides the photo exhibit, Diverso Entorno also held a discussion forum during the inauguration where different Guatemalan women speakers from the fields of the arts, politics, literature, and photography invited the audience to reflect even further through their thought-provoking talks. The speakers were Lily Caravantes, Carolina Escobar Sarti, Verónica Sajbin Velásquez, Sandra Monterroso and Patricia Cortez Bendfeldt as the moderator.

Diverso Entorno will remain open until March 16, so if you’re in Guatemala, please, take the time to visit the exhibit. In the mean time, below you will find a couple of photos and a short video clip showing part of the exhibit. Enjoy!

Fem Foto Guatemala: Diverso Entorno Photo Exhibit by Rudy Girón Fem Foto Guatemala: Diverso Entorno Photo Exhibit by Rudy Girón Diverso Entorno Photo Exhibit Invitation

Hip-Hop Is Alive in Guatemala

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Hip hop is having a strong come back in Guatemala. The photographer Morena Pérez-Joachin is documenting it. Check out Morena’s hip hop portfolio at La urbe