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Bar Central

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

This place is a whole different experience, not a regular bar but a place with a creative feeling around it. There are several varied activities from live music, poetry, to El bosón de Higgs visita el Bar Central.
One of the activities that I find particulary interesting is miércoles Ipodero. We owed this fresh breeze of new things in Guatemala to Chejo and Ale,  two young entrepreneurs that take this place into another level (not to mention the artists, writers, poets and other interesting people you meet there).  If you have ever heard of #MiercolesdeCumbia let me tell you it was there that the first Cumbia party idea was borned and I still remember the first cumbia parties there. Eventually because it was too crowded it had to be moved to a bigger place.
My favorite is @cantinerogt : “Hoy es viernes y @elcantinerogt tiene todas las ganas de aliviarles las penas y la sed, claro en #BarCentral”  follow him on twitter if you want to know what’s new in Bar Central. Suddenly I’m craving pizza and a beer 🙂
Have you ever visited this place or attend one of its activities? Tell us!

Street Vendors

Monday, July 25th, 2011

“Economía Informal” (Informal Economy) is just another form of economic organization within the existing system, a product of unemployment, among other factors.

According to the National Center for Economic Research in the National Survey of Employment and Income, in 2004, 75.4% of the economically active population worked in informal activities. We can conclude that several years ago was a phenomenon that dominated the economy and these numbers increase in rural areas.

Of course, it remains illegal, the informality of the economic activities brings a series of defaults and is associated with many criminal groups… In the meantime in a society as complex as ours, the vendor shown in the picture returns home after a day of work in the streets of Guatemala City.

source: Francisco Marroquín University

Lo que se ha denominado Economía Informal es sólo otra forma de organización en el sistema que ya existe. Producto de la falta de empleo si usted quiere, entre muchos otros factores.

En la Encuesta Nacional de Empleo realizada por el Centro de Investigaciones Económicas Nacionales en el año 2004, el 75.4% de la población económicamente activa pertenecía al sector informal.  No resulta difícil concluir que es un fenómeno que domina y estos números se incrementan en el área rural.

Desde luego, permanece ilegal, la informalidad en estas actividades trae una serie de violaciones a la ley y está asociada a hechos delictivos un tanto más serios… mientras tanto en una sociedad tan compleja como la nuestra, el vendedor en la fotografía regresa a casa luego de un día de trabajo en las calles de la Ciudad de Guatemala.


The Meaning of Light

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

I would like to think that people find meaning in light and is not instinctive and product of inertia, probably means that we have not lost everything.  In this case, people gather to protest against the violence in the country;  today we forget all that … we have to be back at work.

Design and Architecture

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Guatemala… a mixture of many things: people, culture, landscapes, beliefes and architecture. There are some parts in the city in wich you can still find some old houses with the bauhau architecture. This with a full moon covered by clouds, make a unique and different picture from Guatemala.

text and photo by Alan Benchoam

Noche y Día

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

Another night in the City, in terms of public transportation I would recommend as the best way to move from one area to another during the day time: el Transmetro, which already circulates through many main streets of Guatemala City and you will find police officers at every Transmetro bus stop or station always willing to help with schedules, addresses, etc.

For night time, taxis are the best option to move around Guatemala City; I would recommend using yellow cabs but if you’re in a hurry and you need to get somewhere quickly at a reasonable price you can always use the white taxis.

We have been very musical in the Guatemala Daily Photo community this past week in case you haven’t noticed, enjoy and have a great week!

Night Time Is the Right Time

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Zona 1 at night is a totally different place with some additional risks but equally enchanting. The atmosphere is a little bit more ostil let me tell you, but kept some of that magic that is difficult to appreciate on day light.