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Sunsets of Lake Atitlán

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016

Lake Atitlán
Everyone loves watching the sunsets at Lake Atitlán.

Childrens Bicycle Parade in Panajachel

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

Rudy Giron: Guatemala &emdash; Childrens Bicycle Parade in Panajachel

It’s encouraging to see children being taught the culture of using bicycles as an efficient and ecological means of transportation. Now, let’s hope the institutions and government can catch up by providing parking spaces for bicycles and stop discouraging those who prefer to ride bikes instead of cars.


Monday, March 21st, 2016

Semana Santa (Holy Week ) is here and the town of Panajachel, (more…)

Atitlán Sunset

Friday, December 11th, 2015

A black and white dusk. (more…)

Analog Journey: Café Moka, Panajachel

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Whenever I come in a quick visit to Panajachel, (more…)

Rural Life

Sunday, August 9th, 2015

Rural Life
Here is a sample of the simple pleasures of the Guatemalan rural life style.

Food: Casserole

Sunday, April 12th, 2015

One of my most frequented restaurants on the town of Panajachel is Restaurante El Pation, (more…)

Tienda Típica: Panajachel

Monday, December 8th, 2014

At these souvenir stores you can find lots of different products and most of them are made locally by artisans who take a lot of care and pride on their products.

Street Food: Panajachel

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

Some times the best food experience is not found on a fine dining table.

Waterfall at Panajachel

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Waterfall at Panajachel by Rudy A. Girón

Here’s photo tip, whenever taking photos of anything large or huge, make sure you include in the picture something that can provide scale, for instance, a human being, a dog, an ice cream cart, a vehicle, et cetera. Without the person in the picture, we could not know how big is this waterfall found on the way to Panajachel coming from Sololá.