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Life On Hold For Three Seconds

Monday, August 15th, 2011

Meet Vania Vargas, Guatemalan poet, writer and cultural journalist. She was born in Quetzaltenango, is currently director of Luna Park Magazine and copy editor.

You can find her poetry in the books “Cuentos Infantiles” and “Quizá ese día tampoco sea hoy” and some other contributions for independent collections.

Once again the night was the perfect setting to discuss poetry, death, days in which everything remains the same, artists and writers that inspire even the historical background of cats and creative people, Xela and other improbable stories.

Be sure to read the woman who breathes in the neck of death and gets home to immediately start writing.

Dame tiempo
y te hablaré de sobrevivir
sin que se me quiebren las palabras – V. Vargas