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Cajita Feliz

Thursday, April 2nd, 2015


Guatemala is the birth place of the “Happy Meal” of the world’s most famous fast food restaurant. Here it was born under the name of “Cajita Feliz”, something like “Happy Little Box”, in the sense of a box full of happiness.

Quetzalteca Tamarindo

Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

Quetzalteca, maker of my favorite Guatemalan hard drinks just came out with a new size for the Tamarindo flavor, now available on a 125ml bottle.
Now you can take your bottle on the go.

Salud amigos..

Quetzalteca Ponche Navideño

Friday, November 21st, 2014

Quetzalteca Ponche Navideño
A new flavor is on the shelves for the holidays!

Quetzalteca Horchata

Friday, December 20th, 2013

Here is another of the beauties unique to Guatemala: Quetzalteca Horchata.
I’ve seen it several times in stores and supermarkets and finally I decided to try it (maybe because it was on special at only Q45/$6.00). It passed my test! You ought to try it next time you come to Guatemala. Cinnamon stick is optional.
Tchin Tchin..


Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Quetzalteca Rosa de Jamaica in a can!
This is something I noticed recently and and I have no clue since when it has been available, and finally I bought it and tried it.
It is very tasty and easy to drink with a 16 proof, perfect for a hot day.
And just a $1 would get you one of these cans.
Tchin Tchin…
Oh, one more thing: Most Guatemalans call Quetzalteca “Indita”. I personally avoid that term because the word “Indita” is a diminutive of the word “India”, which Guatemalans constantly use a a pejorative and a racist insult, a word that is constantly used to refer to the indigenous people of the country.
So, whenever you can, I advise you to use the real name “Quetzalteca” and avoid the Guatemalan’s name “Indita”.


Friday, September 20th, 2013

Quetzalteca Rosa de Jamaica.
This is a very delicious Hibiscus infused liquor. There is an interesting story behind this.
When I left Guatemala, there was just one Quetzalteca -the unflavored one-. I come back and find Rosa de Jamaica, and later a Horchata infused Quetzalteca.
Quetzalteca unflavored was a very inexpensive alcoholic drink, not so great tasting and known to be the drink of choice of the poor, uneducated and your last resort; sort of the Cossack or Popov vodka equivalent in Guatemala.
Not long ago they change their strategy and created these new flavors, gave the brad a more refined appeal and targeted the young crowds.
It did work and to be honest, it is quite delicious. Have a glass next time you are in Guatemala.