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Reto de Las Cruces

Sunday, January 8th, 2017

Reto de Las cruces
Today, January 8th, was the fourth edition of the Reto de Las Cruces. (more…)

Acatenango Race

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Summit Acatenango
Acatenango, third highest volcano in Guatemala, towering over 3,976 meters in altitude and best place to see eruptions of its neighbor Volvan de Fuego.

Running in Guatemala

Sunday, April 29th, 2012

There’s always someone running in the streets of Guatemala. Probably practicing for a race or just for exercising. Nowadays we have more races than we used to and therefore more Guatemalans are running. If you wanna start running, the “Dirección Técnica de Carreras de Ruta” gives you the following recommendation:
– Learn to breath properly while running
– Eat healthy meals
– If you don’t feel you have the physical condition, start by walking every day
– Discipline
– Determine the reasons why you wan to run
– Good shoes and light clothing

I love running and I’ll try to show you more pictures of this beautiful sport. The most famous races of Guatemala (and the oldests) are:

• Carrera Max Tott (January)
• San Marcos: La Carrera de la Primareva (April)
• Media Maratón Internacional de Cobán (May)
Media Maratón De las Rosas de Antigua Guatemala (July)
• Carrera Patzún (September)
• Maya Maratón Internacional Amatitlán (November)
• Carrera San Silvestre (December 31)