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El Che

Monday, February 29th, 2016

El Che
Believe it or not, Guatemala’s economy is a magnet for immigrants from Central and South America and other places. There is a large population of Central Americans living here followed by a good size population of Colombians, Venezuelans, Middle Easterners and a lot of Argentineans and Uruguayans and
With them comes their cuisine.
Opening business is rather easy and these foreign entrepreneurs find in the food business the perfect oportunity to make a living.
Argentinean style barbecue places are common, Colombian cuisine restaurants are becoming more known and recently I found this Uruguayan street vendor selling Choripanes, a simple bread with a blend of meat and argentinean style chorizo with their signature sauce chimichurri.
By the way, this food cart is at the suburb of San Cristobal, Mixco.