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La Puya

Saturday, May 31st, 2014

Mining for minerals has become a hot topic here in Guatemala. I’m not here to either support or show discontent with it. Here is what I saw.
A lot of individuals and some academic circles would render the intentions of people who oppose mining as biased and influenced by foreigners. Guatemalan media and social chatter constantly suggest the presence of these foreigners as infiltrators and instigators. And a lot of times people who partake in this anti mining efforts are often called “terrorist” by the people who favor it.
Well, the only foreigners I saw here where a couple who rode the same bus I did, and they were there only to see what was going on.

Two years of peaceful disobedience.
People at La Puya have been protesting against the mine for two years. They have set a campsite on the side of the road by the entrance to the mine.
Last week, these peaceful protesters were violently evicted from the area, and during this eviction several people, including children, were hurt.
I was told of a man who got his leg broken by a tear gas canister fired at point blank. Another woman had a bruise about 5 inches in diameter, again from a tear gas canister.

No, these people are not infiltrated by foreign instigators, no, these are people who are aware of the “presumed” damage mining operations can cause to their immediate health and way of life.

What To Wear

Saturday, September 8th, 2012

In every corner, how to act, how to dress.

Erotica: Sexuality in a Society of Taboos

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Morena Pérez, Jany Campos y Jazmín Falcón

Nervous laughter, applauses, dance and interaction are some of the elements that come with the talented Jany Campos and Jazmín Falcón in the presentation: Erotica: Stories for going to bed.

The show is interactive, so you should come prepared to participate and have a good time. Trasbastidores, is a leading group of multidisciplinary artists dedicated to provoke spaces for dialogue on social issues performing public art, seeking to generate reflection in the viewer.

They have encountered difficulties in public state policies but that not prevented them from present their art to the public, the project will run in Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Venezuela, and they expect in the future to include more countries.  The photojournalist, artist and social communicator Morena Pérez, in the main photo, is supporting the project in Guatemala.

The night was fantastic and could only end with a photograph with the streets of the city in the background. The presentations will be taking place every Wednesday of August in 7th Av 4-11 zona 1, in the Gardenias restaurant at 7:30 PM.  Definitely worth it.

Risas nerviosas, muchos aplausos, baile e interacción son algunos de los elementos que acompañan a las talentosas Jany Campos y Jazmín Falcon en la presentación: Erótica: Cuentos para ir a la cama.

La presentación es interactiva, así que deberías ir preparado para participar y pasar un buen rato. Trasbastidores es una compañía de artistas escénicos multidisciplinarios, dedicada a provocar espacios de diálogo sobre problemáticas sociales, realizando presentaciones artísticas públicas que inevitablemente son generadoras de reflexión en el espectador.

Han encontrado dificultades en las políticas públicas estatales pero eso no les ha impedido presentar su arte al público, el proyecto funcionará en México, Guatemala, Nicaragua y Venezuela; esperan en un futuro incluir a más países.  La fotoperiodista, artista y comunicadora social Morena Pérez en la fotografía principal, está apoyando el proyecto para Guatemala.

La noche ha sido fantástica y sólo podía terminar con una fotografía en las calles de la ciudad. Las presentaciones se estarán realizando todos los miércoles de agosto en la 7ma Av. 4-11 de la zona 1, en el restaurante las Gardenias a las 7:30 PM.

For you

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

One of the first things you will notice when you are visiting Guatemala is the quantity of people that can be found in the streets with guns. Probably the same population doesn’t even notice things like this anymore.

The fact is that society ask for it. The people actually feels safe with armed officers, the more, the better.

Una de las primeras cosas que notará cuando esté de visita en Guatemala es la cantidad de personas que se puede encontrar en las calles con armas de fuego. Probablemente la misma población ya no se da cuenta.

El hecho es que la sociedad lo pide. La gente realmente se siente segura con oficiales armados, cuantos más, mejor.