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Running into a Croc

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Yes, it was a croc. You won’t imagine where it was found. It does look like if it is very close to the water. Sorry to disappoint you. It is a dissected crocodile on the concrete floor of a restaurant very close to Poptún (about 100 kilometers South of Flores).

The reasons on why the crocodile ended up dissected and on display at the restaurant are unknown, or sometimes it is just better not to ask. Anyway, please don’t encourage the killing/sales of any species, particularly when they are in the CITES appendixes.

Yes, Guatemala ratified the CITES and IUCN agreements, do you know what this means? What other international efforts do you know of when it comes to international protection of flora and fauna? (else, just follow the white rabbit CITES and Red list)