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Solutions That Don’t Work, Are Still Solutions?

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

It turns out that the bus stops of the new public transportation system, in this particular case, are designed to have an unique access path for users, so far so good.

But what if the majority of users come from the opposite direction? I just hope that someone does not get caught between the rear tires and I only mention this because it has already happened in other circumstances.

It’s a bad design for a bus stop, is not functional. People are not learning as could be expected, they must look for the correct entry as shown in the photograph; no, that would be too correct.

Women-only buses in Guatemala City

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Something is very wrong if the public transport system looks like the first picture at the bottom, right?

Since last week Transurbano, a new transport system that is currently being implemented in the city has new buses exclusively for the use of women.  They are being enabled during rush hour, early in the mornings and late afternoons.

Sexual harassment and the disadvantage of overloading the transport units are for women, the worst scenario. Abuses in the public transport are real, no doubt about that. And yet, we have people who deny it or that complains, believe it or not. The real problem still exists.

The degradation of society is before our eyes. The man is still incapable of respecting a women.

Do you know any other country in which public transportation is enabled for women only?


Algo está muy mal si el sistema de transporte público luce como en la primera fotografía en la parte inferior… ¿cierto?

Desde la semana anterior el transurbano,  un nuevo sistema de transporte que se está implementando en la ciudad cuenta con unidades específicas para el uso de la mujer.   Las unidades están habilitadas en horas pico, muy temprano por la mañana y al final de la tarde.

El acoso sexual y la desventaja que supone sobrecargar las unidades de transporte, es el peor escenario para las mujeres. Los abusos en el deficiente sistema de transporte son reales, no hay duda sobre eso. Aún así, hay gente sorprendida o haciendo comentarios en contra de la medida anterior. Es cierto que el problema real, sigue existiendo.

La degradación de la sociedad está ante nuestros ojos. El hombre aún es incapaz de respetar a una mujer.