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Vamos a La Antigua

Monday, May 16th, 2011

To party or a short ride to Antigua Guatemala among young people and relatively young, is known as Antiguazo a deformation slightly terrible but we will not get into that discussion ūüėČ

The fact is that, going by bus from Calzada Roosevelt to Antigua Guatemala is more relaxing in weekdays, especially in the middle of the morning when rush hour has declined… so, lets go to Antigua!

Taking the pulse of society: Development of Guatemalan Children

Monday, April 25th, 2011

In Guatemala and other Latin American countries should notice the environment in which children develop and grow.

These realities are present in our country, very close to us. The child in the country (in almost all departments) is impacted by a avalanche of colors from which it grows. Can you imagine all the potential and visual stimulation they receive?

In the Guatemala City does not happen that way, already given birth in a hospital (do not get me wrong, modernization is amazing and great but there are aspects that we lost on the way) something that is modern and there is no much color, children are born and grow in an environment almost gray with little stimulation or at least not the same as the child in departamentos.