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Paseo Cayalá: Guatemalans Ice Skating

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Yes, we have ice rinks here in Guatemala, in fact there is a free one promoted by the central government at Parque Central.
This one is at Ciudad Cayalá. Small in size but full of fun and laughs. Check it out next time you are around.
Oh, if you were wondering: yes, one week I’m drinking pinas coladas at 90F here in Guatemala and next week I’m ice skating.

Paseo Cayalá

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Paseo Cayalá is the Center of a luxury Private/Gated community, Ciudad Cayalá they call it, more than 100 acres in size.
Exquisite architecture with a great variety of fine restaurants and luxury shops, a must stop if you are around Guatemala City. Just don’t go there during holiday season or you might have to stay on a car line for more than an hour to enter the parking lot.
I’ll share more of Ciudad Cayalá soon. Stay Tuned.
Paseo Cayalá